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The Festival Of Original Music (FOOM) is a song competition encouraging the writing of new material to be showcased live and through the release of SCALA CDs and online downloads. Each year entries come from around Australia as well as the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Europe.

The Festival of Original Music
FOOM most celebrated songs.png

How to FOOM?

Write your

FOOM celebrates new, original music.  Attend our workshops for inspiration

Record your

If entering our recorded or instrumental category you will need to upload a recording of your song

Choose your

Enter different songs in all categories if you are keen! 

Pick your


FOOM Categories

Entrants into the LIVE CATEGORY are placed in a heat and will perform their song in front of a live audience.

Alex Black at FOOM

Have you recorded your songs but not released them yet?  Enter them into the RECORDED CATEGORY.  

Studio microphone

Enter your original compositions into the INSTRUMENTAL CATEGORY.  

Piano and music

No music required, just enter your original lyrics into the LYRICS CATEGORY.  

Lyric writing songwriter
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