peter mciver

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peter mciver


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peter mciver


peter mciver/Chris Koto/Brett Clappis/Kristian Holling

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Dangerman spent the best part of 5 years hidden underground. Since being encouraged by family and friends Peter Mciver ( vocals/guitar) Chris Koto (guitar/keyboards/b.v) Brett Clappis ( bass ) and Kristian Holling (drums) have emerged into the light with regular live shows, a debut recording and the elusive holy grail of all underground bands; a spot in three d's top 20.
Originally a vehicle for Peters songs, Chris and Peter have formed a canny songwriting partnership and more recently the whole band has begun writing tunes together.
With 6,000 hits for the video for the recorded for scala track 'To Be The One' Dangerman are keen to become more involved in film as a medium to help spread their own special brand of underground indie sounds.

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peter mciver
peter mciver/Chris Koto/Brett Clappis/Kristian Holling
3 instrument mics required
Yes, we use drums
No backing tracks
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