Trav Collins

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Travis Collins


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Trav Collins


Travis Collins

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Trav Collins is a 22 year old Adelaide multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who has a unique sound, incorporating acoustic guitar with unorthodox electric tones and effects. Accompanying himself with a didgeridoo and harmonica, his solo music has the fullest sound possible whilst still maintaining an acoustic feel. Trav has been on the road travelling all over Australia from Sydney to Perth up to Broome and everywhere in between playing street shows, venues and a handful of festivals including the National Folk Festival, Blenheim Festival and Fleurieu Folk Festival for the past two years. With his first studio album and Live Album follow up in 2018 Trav is due for a new release and 2020 has seen Trav triple his unreleased catalogue.

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Trav Collins
Travis Collins
All instruments will DI
Artist will provide all equiment. Requirements from Wheaty sound tech: x1 D.I input x4 Mic Lines
No drums
No backing tracks
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