The Steve Charles Band

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Steve Charles


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The Steve Charles Band


Steve Charles, Bruce Walker, Peter Cornthwaite, Jarrod Roocke, Paul Chester

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Based in Semaphore, the Steve Charles Band are an all original, 5 piece group with a readily assessable sound and feel.

From Alt Country to Groove, Funk to smokey blues, Pop to lush ballads Steve's is a storyteller with a strong sense of melody who delves a little deeper lyrically into the soul and heart of what it means to be human.

Supported by world class musicians the SCB has been winning audiences around the world via Steve's recordings and the bands online Live performances.

The band are; Steve on Vocals/Acoustic Guitar, Bruce Walker Electric Guitar, Paul Chester Keyboards, Peter Cornthwaite Drums/Percussion, Jarrod Roocke bass.

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