Soul Trader®

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Simon James Betts


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Soul Trader®


Simon James Betts

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A mainstream acoustic pop rock feast

Simon James Betts always wanted to be a magician, but his parents misheard what he said, bought him a guitar and the rest is history.

Simon James Betts, as Soul Trader® delivers fresh, energetic, passionate acoustic tunes. Think Crowded House, Matchbox/Rob Thomas, David Gray and The Eagles. In short, well-crafted, fat-free acoustic pop/rock.

In an industry now flooded with loop pedals and followers, soloist, Soul Trader®, stands tall and secure in the knowledge that great songs and stories delivered simply with energy and cheek, polish and passion and audience connection can surpass a 1-man band any day.

To herald in the new phase, Soul Trader® releases his 4th album nationally in July 2020.

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Soul Trader®
Simon James Betts
All instruments will DI
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