Sleepy ghost

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matthew jolly


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Sleepy ghost


Matthew Jolly

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Sleepy Ghost is Adelaide based song-writer singer Matthew Jolly and a collective of collaborators. Things that people could say about Sleepy Ghost but haven't:
Peter Buck described R.E.M. songs as "Minor key, mid-tempo, enigmatic, semi-folk-rock-balladish things"Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) advised "you have to be okay with music just being a great thing to do, and not rely upon it to be the thing that makes you rich, or even the thing that pays all of your bills." Elliot Smith suggested "I don't intend to write depressing songs and I'd probably rather write happy ones" James Mercer (the Shins) confessed "I was writing rip offs of The Smiths, but only the simple ones I could play like Girlfriend in a Coma." ... Acoustic Melancholy Bittersweet

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Sleepy ghost
Matthew Jolly
All instruments will DI
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No backing tracks
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