Sean Tyner

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Sean Tyner


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Sean Tyner


Sean Tyner, Kirk Watt and Noni Espinosa

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Sean Tyner is an Adelaide singer-songwriter with a distinctive vocal style and energetic guitar driven performance that can quickly captivate a roomful of listeners.

Sean’s search for meaning in life and love are revealed through honest lyrics that often expose the heartbreaking repercussions of the human love condition.

Locally referred to as the ‘heartbreak kid’ he displays a huge catalogue of songs with each one encompassing catchy melodies and sing-along choruses that listeners can immediately identify with.

Sean has recently released a debut EP in September 2019 and has received national radio airplay for his title track 'On The Streets'.

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Sean Tyner
Sean Tyner, Kirk Watt and Noni Espinosa
All instruments will DI
No drums
No backing tracks
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