Paul Louis Villani

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Paul Louis Villani


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Paul Louis Villani


Paul Louis Villani

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Paul Louis Villani is a Melbourne based guitarist/singer/songwriter.
Began guitar lessons as a seven year old and has never looked back! First pub gig was as a fourteen year old and has been writing songs since early teens.
Music videos were the first real influence on Paul's wanting to become a musician, he recalls a vivid moment of clarity when he watched Jimi Hendrix set fire to his guitar during a cover of "Wild Thing".
Paul delivers an eclectic mix of emotional folk rock acoustic/electric styles that seem to reflect current lifestyle challenges and observations.
In 2019 Paul has co-released an Acoustic Duo debut album from Elle Bates & The Beast while also releasing 2x solo singles. A third solo single and album to be released Oct'19

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Paul Louis Villani
Paul Louis Villani
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