Manadi Lopa

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Manadi Lopa


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Manadi Lopa


Manadi Lopa, Gabrielle Lopa

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Manadi, which means “sit and share together” in his Sisaala dialect, is from Tumu, an African village in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Manadi’s music speaks from the heart, conveying cultural traditions & bringing audiences fusions of
West African folk, roots reggae & Afro-pop. His warm and earthy vocal timbre and his passion for peace have become his trademarks, inspiring audiences with catchy lyrical tracks. Whether it’s love like ‘sugar-sweet coffee’, skanking ‘Like a Lion’ or having a ‘Chatty Chatty Mouth’, Manadi shares his messages through infectiously happy tunes underpinned by a deep humanity that resonate universally.

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