Izzy's Acoustic Session

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Anthony Izzo


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Izzy's Acoustic Session


Anthony Izzo

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Izzy has over 30 years’ experience in the music industry and represents a versatile and high-quality soloist performing original material that is organic and draws upon different moods and influences. Izzy draws upon his passion for genres such as blues, soul, and retro pop to write well-crafted original material.
Izzy's playing experience spans 3 decades from playing in popular cover bands in the local Adelaide scene during the 80's to working within the original Melbourne music scene in the 90's.
His love of music is readily evident in his writing, enthusiastic work on vocals and acoustic guitar. His raw percussive style of playing and stage showmanship makes him an entertaining original performing artist.

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Izzy's Acoustic Session
Anthony Izzo
All instruments will DI
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No backing tracks
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