Emma Jayne

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Emma Grieger


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Emma Jayne


Emma Jayne, Alexander Black, Jaime Willson, Robyn Habel & Max Tulysewski

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With her dulcet tones and songs from the heart, Emma Jayne is the true essence of a singer-songwriter. Compared to the likes of Sara Bareilles and Carrie Underwood, Emma seamlessly blends folk with her own brand of Aussie pop that oozes authenticity.
After being hard at work in the studio, Emma Jayne has recently launched her much-anticipated EP "I Don't Want To Talk". This project features tracks including 'Hometown', a tribute to her small-town upbringing and "'Til The Next Love", a duet with rising country superstar Matt James. This EP is a culmination of Emma's country and folk roots beautifully entwined with her more recent pop influences.
Immerse yourself in Emma’s songbook as she invites you to lean in a little bit closer.

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