Doctor D and Fergus Maximus

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Donald McRobbie


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Doctor D and Fergus Maximus


Doctor D, Fergus Maximus, A.N. Other

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Doctor D is a songwriter and blues-rock guitarist and two-time winner in the SCALA annual Festival of Original Music whose songs are quirky and highly-original with big tunes. Fergus Maximus is a soulful singer/storyteller/saxophonist whose melodic pop/rock songs embrace all the important things- love, loss, mistakes with wit, intelligence and fun. His debut album 'Restless Soles' is an anthology of short stories about characters with itchy feet- their foibles and struggles. Doctor D and Fergus Maximus first collaborated on their sell-out Adelaide 2021 Fringe show SWT_HM_ADL, an anthology of original songs about Adelaide.

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