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Mallory Steele


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Mallory Steele, Lydia Burgess

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D’Urberville is a pop-soul band from Adelaide, led by vocalist, trombonist and songwriter Mallory Steele. Inspired by the musical minds behind The Cat Empire, The Bamboos and Kate Miller-Heidke, D’Urberville’s debut EP 'Made from Steel' is a story of resilience, finding good vibes in the midst of heartbreak with tight grooves, horn lines and storytelling at the heart of every song.

Inspired by the 1891 Thomas Hardy novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles, D’Urberville references the resilience of the protagonist, Tess, in the face of hardship, classism and gender inequality. The name is symbolic of the power and influence that Tess is continually denied throughout the novel and use of the name for a female-led band is a gesture toward reclaiming t

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