SCALA is a global songwriting organisation dedicated to encouraging, supporting and nurturing songwriters, composers, and lyric writers of any style and genre.



what's on?

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Live at 

The Wheaty

Imagine incredible wines, boutique beers, odd whisky and (mostly acoustic) live original music that sounds superb!


Experience SCALA LIVE AT THE WHEATY, an intimate evening
of the best new talent around. 


Celebrate our local songwriters
as well as exclusive performances from international talents. 


You can't get closer to the
music than this.

The Song


THE SONG KITCHEN is where you can go for creative, supportive help to get unstuck, to spice up your work, or to add that finishing touch to your song.

The SONG KITCHEN is about YOUR songs and YOUR song writing in the most practical way.


Pop in, the soup is on! 

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SONGWRITER WORKSHOPS are led by presenters who give a talk or lead participants through a hands-on song writing exercise. 

It is also a great place to meet with other songwriters, or find a musical collaborator.

Each workshop is different so check in regularly for updates.

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Did you know SCALA is all about nurturing
original music?  The SCALA board and its members
are a passionate group that actively contribute
to the live original music scene.


SCALA members perform
each Saturday morning live
in the studio for Radio Adelaide's Arts Breakfast

Radio Airplay

SCALAs compilation CD is released each year and features winners of the Festival of Original Music (FOOM) song competition 

CD Releases

SCALA's annual
song competition the Festival of Original Music


Do you have a new song that you would love to play to a listening audience?


"As a maker of original music, it was a pleasure to perform to a room of lyric appreciations as well as share the stage with other inspiring artists."

- Naomi Keyte, Songwriter (ADL, AUS)

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SCALA member yet?


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