SCALA is the Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association.


    The primary goal of SCALA is to support, nurture and encourage songwriters, composers and lyricists

    of any style and genre regardless of skill and experience no matter where you are in the world.


    • Encourage the activity of Songwriting, Composing and Lyric or Libretto writing.
    • Provide information and support to Songwriters, Composers and Lyric or Libretto writers by way of workshops, seminars, regular meetings and other activities which eventuate as SCALA evolves.
    • Encourage the playing and recording of innovative and original music and the use of innovative and original music in commercial applications.
    • Provide a service enabling Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists or Librettists to collaborate on innovative music projects and, in particular, to enable (non lyric) Composers to collaborate with Lyricists.
    • Encourage and assist in the employment of Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists or Libretto writers in appropriate situations within the community
    You can download a copy of the SCALA constitution here: CLICK ME


    The Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association Incorporated (SCALA) is a non-profit, voluntary, incorporated association that officially formed on November 22nd 1987 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.


    SCALA has an archived website that stretches back a number of years with information about shows that have been played, and past song competitions and music releases. You can view the archived SCALA website here: CLICK HERE

  • Venue and performer archive

    SCALA events have been run almost weekly for 30 years.

    While we are not able to store the whole list of venues and performers for that time,

    we will do our best to record our events and performers here.

    SCALA Live @ The Wheaty (2016 - 2018)


    7 April 2016: Andy & Marta, Cat Dog Bird, Ben Searcy Trio

    21 April 2016: Alex K, Kylie Brice Trio, The Tangerines

    5 May 2016: Forte (and band), The Self Preservation Society, The Good Questions

    19 May 2016: Caramigo, Mary Webb, Corey Stewart

    2 June 2016: Emma Rowe, Chica Chica Electrica, Surfer Rosa

    16 June 2016: Jack Robins, Vagaband, Kelly Menhennett

    30 June 2016: John Glase, Fergus Maximus, Jewers and Walters

    7 July 2016: Marrakesh Espresso, Little Miss, Courtney Robb

    21 July 2016: ('Undying Fire' SCALA CD Launch) The Wisps, The Baker Suite, Ben Ford-Davies, Mel Piper

    4 August 2016: Susan Lily, Ciaram Granger, Andy and Marta

    18 August 2016: Angie Starr, Zachary Kelty, Voodoo Tattoo

    1 September 2016: Jack Robins, Ben Ford-Davies and Ronnie Taheny, Dangerman

    8 September 2016: FOOM Heat 1

    15 September 2016: FOOM Heat 2

    22 September 2016: FOOM Heat 3

    29 September 2016: FOOM Heat 4

    6 October 2016: FOOM Heat 5

    20 October 2016: FOOM Grand Final

    3 November 2016: Alexander Black, Craig Atkins, The Good Questions

    17 November 2016: Sandy Close and Co, Don Morrison, Plan B

    15 December 2016: Leigh O'Donohue, Yours Truly, The Shambolics



    12 January 2017: Tony Only, Sean Tyner, Chica Chica Electrica

    26 January 2017: Michael Coughlin, David Robinson, The Tangerines

    9 February 2017: Tracey Guest, Marrakesh Espresso, Vagaband

    23 February 2017: NO EVENT

    9 March 2017: NO EVENT

    23 March 2017: Elaine McLaughlin, Paula Standing, Dangerman

    6 April 2017: Kasey Guy, Brett Monten, Little Miss

    20 April 2017: Robert Childs, Adrienne Lovelock, The Good Questions

    4 May 2017: A Clearing, Caramigo, Catherine Blanch (Boy Band)

    18 May 2017: Bryan Foley, Taylor Pfeiffer, Self Preservation Society

    1 June 2017: Angie Starr, Forte, Voodoo Tattoo

    15 June 2017: Ivo and Greg, Casey Thomson, Plan B

    29 June 2017: Andy and Marta, Zac Eden, The Idea of Light

    13 July 2017: Trung Doan, Mantracoda, Sean Tyner and Band

    27 July 2017: Chloe Warrick, David Robinson, Hatrick

    3 August 2017: FOOM HEAT 1 WINNERS: Ben Searcy, Jack Robins, Marta Bayly

    10 August 2017: FOOM HEAT 2 WINNERS: Lindsay Boyd, Emma Grieger, Zac Kelty

    17 August 2017: FOOM HEAT 3 WINNERS: Boyd Williams, Ben Searcy, Maddy Coutts, Keith Preston

    24 August 2017: FOOM HEAT 4: Megan Isaacson, Lindsay Boyd, Simon Frank

    31 August 2017: FOOM HEAT 5: Alison Thorsteinsen, Elaine McLaughlin, Ricki Hooper

    14 September 2017: FOOM FINAL LIVE PERFORMANCE WINNERS: Maddy Coutts, Ben Searcy, Alison Thorsteinsen

    28 September 2017: Kathy Gibbings, Ben Searcy, Crooked Road

    12 October 2017: Hans Van Amstel, Dana O'Shea & Friends, Melinda and The Blue Sun

    26 October 2017: Henk Groot, Kylie Brice, Los Mescalitos

    9 November 2017: The Gates, Maddy Coutts, Take 3

    16 November 2017: Keith Preston and Paul Roberts, Boyd Williams, River Lane Band

    23 November 2017: 30 ANNIVERSARY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: Robert Childs, Courtney Robb, Kelly Menhennett

    7 December 2017: Pablo, Martin Bellamy, Alison Marie + band

    21 December 2017: Yours Truly, Scott Cook, The Fatherhood



    18 January 2018: Mary Webb, Ricky and Friends, The Tangerines

    1 February 2018: Andrew Gardner, Don Morrison, Paula Standing +band

    15 February 2018: Little Bright and His Family Fortune, Des Wade, Surfing with Scissors

    22 March 2018: Alex and Emma, Scott Cook (CANADA), Corin Raymond (CANADA)

    5 April 2018: Sarah Straschko, Zac Eden, Naomi Keyte

    20 April 2018: Susan Lily, Megan Rae Isaacson, The Good Questions

    17 May 2018: Georgy Rochow, Hannah Yates, Moonta Street

    31 May 2018: Alexander Black, My Cherie, Hey Harriett

    14 June 2018: Jimmy Bay, Forte, Sons of Zoku

    19 July 2018: FOOM HEAT 1 (finalists) Adrienne Lovelock, Meena De Silva, Sue Baker, Jai Cafarella (People's Choice)

    26 July 2018: FOOM HEAT 2 (finalists) Zac Eden, Andy Armstrong, Simon Molloy, John Jim Williams, Bryn Soden (People's Choice)

    2 August 2018: FOOM HEAT 3 (finalists) Cara Boehm, Stuart Day (People's Choice), Ben Searcy, Chloe Warrick

    9 August 2018: FOOM HEAT 4 (finalists) Khristian Mizzi (People's Choice), Lindsay Boyd, Maddy Coutts, Sarah Straschko

    16 August 2018: Round and Round CD Launch - Maddy Coutts, Ben Searcy, Moss

    23 August 2018: FOOM GRAND FINAL LIVE CATEGORY WINNERS - Bryn Soden, Andy Armstrong (Winner + People's Choice), Stuart Day, Sue Baker (People's Choice)

    13 September 2018: Elaine McLaughlin, Nick West, Chica Chica Electrica


    Midweek Melt at The Gaslight Tavern (2016)


    13 January 2016: The Tangerines, Voodoo Tattoo, Ben Searcy Trio

    20 January 2016: Open Mic, AP D'Antonio, Dangerman

    27 January 2016: Mantracoda, Fergus Maximus, Jack Robins

    3 February 2016: Dave Lambert, Geoff Hastwell, Mel Pier, Karl Zander

    10 February 2016: Fergus O'Regan, Mary Webb, Cash

    17 February 2016: Emma Rowe, Fleur Green, New Prehistoric Radio

    24 February 2016: John Glase, Bryan Foley, Surfer Rosa

    2 March 2016: Andy & Marta, The Tangerines, Heidi Browne (UK)

    9 March 2016: Garden Ruin, Forte, Geoff Hastwell

    16 March 2016: Quantim, Tony Only

    23 March 2016: Jessica Rae, Candice Quinn, Self Preservation Society

    30 March 2016: Bryan Foley, The Good Questions

    6 April 2016: David Robinson, Fleur Green, Peter & Kristine Allan

    13 April 2016: James Hickey, White Lightnin, Self Preservation Society, Whiskey & Rhymes


  • SCALA's Activities

    Promoting Live Original Music

    SCALA showcases original music live every fortnight. SCALA's performance venue is a safe, friendly, and warm environment where songwriters, composers and lyricists rub shoulders with experienced original musicians. The venue is open to all who want to hear the newest original music and songs presented by its creators. Our current Adelaide venue is at The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton. If you would like to play at 'SCALA Live @ The Wheaty' you will need to provide us with an electronic press kit. Click on the button below to download the requirements and then send SCALA an email to register your interest scala@scala.org.au.

    SCALA's Activities

    Songwriters Workshops

    Monthly songwriters workshops are held regularly. If you are interested in songwriting and would like to discuss your songs, lyrics, or music, or maybe you would like to meet with other songwriters and discuss aspects of songwriting, find a collaborator or two, or just hang out with some other people with songwriting interests then these events are for you.

    SCALA's Activities

    Radio Airplay

    SCALA members are featured guests each week and perform live in the studio for Radio Adelaide's 'Arts Breakfast' programme, aired on Saturday mornings at 9:30am (101.5 FM). Click the button below to register your interest in playing live on Radio Adelaide. Please note: You will need to provide a bio, web friendly image, and a URL link to your music.

    SCALA's Activities

    Festival Of Original Music (FOOM)

    SCALA hosts the annual FOOM, a worldwide song competition. FOOM encourages the writing of new material and songwriters have the chance to win an assortment of prizes.

    SCALA's Activities

    SCALA Spotlight

    Want to perform? Email SCALA at scala@scala.org.au to secure a SCALA Spotlight - play two of your newest songs to a listening audience at 'SCALA Live at The Wheaty'. Remember that these coveted spots are usually reserved for SCALA members first so join SCALA now!

    SCALA's Activities

    Are you interested in volunteering with SCALA?

    SCALA is a volunteer led organisation and the task to bring you SCALA events can be a serious effort. If you would like to get involved in the day to day running of SCALA, then click on the button below that will open our volunteer request form. We always need helpers for our 'SCALA Live at The Wheaty' events. Please get in touch if you would like to MC the evening, be a door person, help with set up duties, or take some photos for our social media pages.

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