• About SCALA

    SCALA's History

    SCALA officially formed on 22nd November 1987 which was later found out to also be St. Cecilia's Day. Apparently St Cecilia is the Patron Saint of Musicians! SCALA's objectives (as set out in SCALA’s constitution) are to:

    • Encourage the activity of Songwriting, Composing and Lyric or Libretto writing.
    • Provide information and support to Songwriters, Composers and Lyric or Libretto writers by way of workshops, seminars, regular meetings and other activities which eventuate as SCALA evolves.
    • Encourage the playing and recording of innovative and original music and the use of innovative and original music in commercial applications.
    • Provide a service enabling Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists or Librettists to collaborate on innovative music projects and, in particular, to enable (non lyric) Composers to collaborate with Lyricists.
    • Encourage and assist in the employment of Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists or Libretto writers in appropriate situations within the community.

    SCALA Activities

    Since its formation in 1987, SCALA has developed a number of regular activities for its members:

    • Live original music

    SCALA showcases original music live almost every week and has done since its foundation. SCALA's performance venue is a safe, friendly, warm environment where "just starting" songwriters, composers and lyricists rub shoulders with professional original musicians. The venue is open to all who want to hear the newest original music and songs presented by its creators. Our current Adelaide venue is at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Hindmarsh. For more information on what's on or to register your interest to play, go to our events page.

    • Songwriters workshops

    Monthly songwriters workshops are held on the first Monday of every month. If you are interested in Songwriting and would like to discuss your songs, lyrics, music, if you would like to meet with other Songwriters and discuss all sorts of aspects of songwriting, maybe find a collaborator or two or just hang out with some other people with Songwriting interests then this is for you. Further details are on our events page.

    • Radio Airplay

    SCALA provides guests for Radio Adelaide's 'Arts Breakfast' programme, aired on Saturday mornings at 9:30am (101.5 FM)

    • Competitions

    Since 1994, SCALA has hosted an annual song competition - the Festival Of Original Music (FOOM). It has grown considerably over the years and now has 6 categories; Live, Demo Open, Demo Instrumental, Studio Open, Studio Instrumental and Lyrics Only. For more information, previous winners and how to enter, go to the FOOM page.

    • Recording and release of SCALA CDs

    Winners of the FOOM song competition and other selected tracks submitted by SCALA members are released annually on a SCALA CD. The current release is 'Brighter Than The Sun', a sensational double album which you can buy in the SCALA store or at our events.

    SCALA Archives

    SCALA has an archived website that stretches back a number of years with information about shows that have been played, song competitions and music releases. If you would like to view the SCALA archive, please click here.

  • SCALA Board Of Management

    SCALA is entirely staffed by volunteers who give their time to help promote and encourage live original music.

    Simon Molloy

    Simon Molloy


    Simon has been playing music in Adelaide since the 1980s in a variety of original and cover acts. In 2002 he began setting up and fine tuning a PC-based home studio to help both his recording and song-writing. In 2008 Simon released a CD from this venture, and is currently working through a backlog of songs for a subsequent release

    Clayton Werner

    Clayton Werner


    This man IS dedicated - he's been the SCALA treasurer for almost this millenium! Clayton regularly collaborates with Claire Gurry and David Cronin and has been a regular host on Radio Adelaide's 'Songcatcher' and other shows on the station.

    Greg Wright

    Greg Wright


    While playing in a band several decades ago Greg was told not to give up his day job, advice he has assiduously followed through subsequent years. He maintains a keen interest in local music, and has excellent skills in applauding at the end of songs. Occasionally Greg accompanies SCALA artists on guitar and piano accordion. Greg is coordinating the SCALA CD this year.

    Geoff Hastwell

    Geoff Hastwell

    A baby boomer, 'taught and brought up' in Adelaide, Geoff has spent most of his working life teaching humanities in city and country high schools.
    With a love of reading, and as a child of the 60s, it was a natural progression for him to embrace music. His heroes over the decades have been folk like Roy Orbison, Gene Pitney, Don McLean, Neil Young and these come through strongly in his music.

    Ronnie Taheny

    Ronnie Taheny


    After 20 years of working with the likes of David Gray, Luka Bloom and Billy Bragg,  Ronnie has finally turned her passport in for a sock drawer and a quick swim. She now uses her considerable energy and DIY music industry knowledge in mentoring and artist-export courses she has set up with Arty Records. She also lectures at the Conservatorium of Music at Adelaide Uni.

    Marta Bayly

    Marta Bayly

    Marta has shared her love of songwriting and singing with Adelaide audiences for almost 10 years. As one half of folk duo 'Andy and Marta' and as co-front person singer songwriter with the 5-piece band, The Good Questions, she has developed an enduring presence on the local original live music circuit. She has also supported numerous other artists live and in the studio with her much sought-after harmony singing.

    Marta manages to combine her busy schedule of gigging, recording and rehearsal with her day job as a research scientist and now she is digging even deeper to support SCALA by joining the SCALA Board. She is experienced in the use of social media to advertise and promote live music and her skills and pro-active approach are already proving to be a boon for the Board and SCALA.

    Rowena Garcia

    Rowena Garcia


    Rowena Garcia is a local Adelaide songwriter and performer fronting local band ‘The Tangerines’, and as solo performer ‘Yvie G’. She has been a member of SCALA since 2005 and is passionate about encouraging and supporting local songwriters and performers. Inspired by the theatrical arts Rowena completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and over the years has enjoyed performing in numerous theatre productions with the Adelaide Theatre Guild.


    Rowena is on the organising team for ‘SCALA Live at the Wheatsheaf Hotel’ each fortnight. She is excited to also provide ongoing graphic and website design support to SCALA’s marketing team and is committed to discovering new local talent and growing SCALA’s membership base.

    Rowena Garcia

    Paula Standing


    Paula Standing studied music in Queensland and spent many years performing in
    musicals and plays, while teaching voice. Migrating to SA 20+ years ago, life interrupted
    her music and only began to push its persistent little nose back in early 2000’s when she
    ventured into songwriting. In 2009 she bought a mini Maton with Uncle Kevie’s $900 and
    thus began her current career as a singer songwriter. Paula has sat on boards and
    committees for a few different creative organisations over the past 30 years and is looking
    forward to ‘putting in’ for SCALA.

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