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  • Welcome to the SCALA Website

    SCALA (Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association Inc.) is a non profit, voluntary incorporated association which officially formed on 22nd November 1987 in Adelaide, South Australia.

    SCALA's objectives are to:

    • Encourage the activity of Songwriting, Composing and Lyric or Libretto writing.
    • Provide information and support to Songwriters, Composers and Lyric or Libretto writers by way of workshops, seminars, regular meetings and other activities which eventuate as SCALA evolves.
    • Encourage the playing and recording of innovative and original music and the use of innovative and original music in commercial applications.
    • Provide a service enabling Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists or Librettists to collaborate on innovative music projects and, in particular, to enable (non lyric) Composers to collaborate with Lyricists.
    • Encourage and assist in the employment of Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists or Libretto writers in appropriate situations within the community.
  • Community and Inclusion

    SCALA is committed to promoting equal opportunity in all of our activities and events. We do this in recognition of the principles of equity and in conforming with the spirit and intent of equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation.


    SCALA is very proud to have recently become a signatory in the 'Racism. It Stops With Me' campaign, being led by the Australian Human Rights Commission and by doing so, joined with some of Australia’s leading businesses, sporting bodies and NGOs.


    SCALA has committed to preventing racism by pledging to undertake activities in support of the campaign and you’ll hear more about these in coming weeks.


    Research from 2011 shows that one in seven Australians say they experienced discrimination because of their colour or background. This figure that has been increasing steadily in recent years. Research has also shown that 70 percent of people agree that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous people are prejudiced against each other.


    For more information about the campaign go to: http://itstopswithme.humanrights.gov.au/ 

    Or follow the campaign on Twitter @ItStopsWithMe.

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